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HideMyAss is the best value for your money and is highly recommended - Premium VPN Service providers recommended

- HideMyAss 5/5 - HideMyAss review
- IPVanish 5/5 - IPVanish review
- Private Internet Access 5/5 - PIA review
- PureVPN 4/5 - PureVPN review
- OverPlay 4/5
- NordVPN 4/5 -
NordVPN review
- VPN.AC 3/5 -
VPN.AC review
- IbVPN 3/5 -
IbVPN review
- ExpressVPN 3/5 - ExpressVPN review
- AirVPN 3/5 - AirVPN review
- Mullvad 3/5 - Mullvad review
- CactusVPN 3/5 - CactusVPN review
- SecurityKiss 2/5 - SecurityKiss review
- Astrill 2/5 -
Astrill review
- SlickVPN 2/5 - SlickVPN review
- AceVPN 2/5 -
AceVPN review
- StrongVPN 2/5
- VPNTunnel 2/5
- BoxPN 2/5 - BoxPN review
- HideIpVPN 2/5
- TuVPN 2/5 -
TuVPN review

Best Encrypted VPN

Best Encrypted VPN

VPN uses encryption to provide data confidentiality. The length of the encryption key is an important security parameter.

- Private Internet Access PIA lets you decide on how you want your VPN traffic to be encrypted. AES-128 or AES-256 or Blowfish
- HideMyAss HMA! offers the standard BF-CBC (Blowfish) with a 128 bit key
- VPN.AC Up to AES 256-bit encryption with Elliptic Curve and/or 4096-bit RSA authentication

Best Logless VPN

Best Logless VPN

No Logs VPN Provider. A VPN can protect your privacy then it is important that it keeps no logs of your activities

- IPVanish No Logs. New feature since April 2014
- Private Internet Access One of PIA’s biggest selling points is that it does not log anything
- NordVPN NordVPN doesn't save or keep logs

Anonymity and Privacy

The Best Anonymous VPN

A VPN doesn't make you anonymous, but does greatly increase your privacy. Using a VPN is key to being anonymous (from a technical point of view) but don't forget the other aspects like the payment as well as precautions with email addresses and personal data when registering.

- Private Internet Access accepts Bitcoin, no logs, shared IP addresses
- IPVanish no logs, shared IP addresses
- LiquidVPN accepts Bitcoin, no logs, shared IP addresses, offers a Modulating IP Addresses and Warrant Canary

Best VPN For Avoiding Censorship

Best VPN For Avoiding Censorship

Depending on where you live in the world, you might be currently experiencing Internet censorship restrictions for political reasons or otherwise. A VPN is essential for bypass censorship restrictions and have unfiltered access to the Internet

- IPVanish Get around internet censorship blocks, completely bypassing firewalls in countries like China, by simply connecting to the IPVanish's servers
- Private Internet Access To bypass censorship PIA is a top quality solution because it uses a high encryption level and can avoid firewalls using its option "Local Port"
- CactusVPN If there is a firewall that operates with deep-packet inspection, the firewall will not be able to monitor the transport packets from the SofEther VPN tunnel thanks to the fact that SoftEther utilizes Ethernet over HTTPS

Best VPN for Bypassing Chinese Firewall

The Best VPN For China

China is one of the World’s heavily censored countries. The Great Firewall of China blocks Google+, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. People in China have to use a VPN but only those that offer SSTP or OpenVPN (TCP will work well)

- PureVPN is one of the rare VPNs to offer a special installation format for China.
- IPVanish The easiest way to bypass Chinese Firewall is to use a VPN that serves China. Servers in Singapore and Hong Kong
- HideMyAss A very useful and essential tool in HMA! Pro VPN client is the "Auto-path" feature. This feature is supposed to be used when experiencing any kinds of connection problems - that includes connection failures, delays, unstable connections, blocked access (e.g. firewall-related or ISP restrictions).

Best VPN by numbers of countries

Best VPN server locations

VPN with Most IP VPN Addresses. This will be important as the IP that will replace yours is of the server's public IP addresses

- HideMyAss 128 countries along with multiple servers providing a whopping 96,000+ IPs
- PureVPN 450 + Servers in 87 countries
- IPVanish 14,000+ IPs addresses with over 140 servers in 61 countries

Fastest VPN Service

Top 10 Fastest VPNs 2015

The fastest personal VPN service for maximum freedom of uninhibited and unrestricted Internet surfing. If you are streaming videos or download large files, the Download Speed will be important to you.

- IPVanish the fastest VPN service in America and Europe. They operate as a Tier-1 provider. Tier-1 means they own the network infrastructure, not having to deal with third party companies under contract.
- HideMyAss The speed is excellent. The software includes a "Speed Guide" feature to find the fastest servers near you.
- PureVPN PureVPN offers a Speed Test tool that allows you to quickly find the best server for your given application.

Unblock Access to Websites

Unblock Any Websites From Anywhere

2 Ways to Unblock websites: VPN services (Bypass geo blocking but also protects your online identity and data because your Internet traffic will be encrypted) or SmartDNS (No speed loss)

- IPVanish IPVanish is great to unblock websites. You can choose between IP’s in 61 countries
- OverPlay Overplay offers Smart DNS services as well as VPN services.
- IronSocket Ironsocket combines VPN and Smart DNS to unlock censored media sites

Best Smart DNS Services

Best SmartDNS

How To Watch Streaming Video Anywhere in the World - Using a DNS service will allow you to get around the restrictions based on region and Smart DNS allows you to use your internet providers original speed, without many changes in your device. 

- OverPlay OverPlay SmartDNS provides high speed access (typically as fast as your ISP allows) to websites that are restricted from your location, without the need for a VPN tunnel! We are big fans of their SmartDNS technology.
- PureVPN Smart DNS is included on to either VPN plan at no extra charge
- IronSocket SmartDNS service is included for free in the standard Ironsocket VPN plan

Best VPN for Torrent and P2P

Best VPN for Torrents and P2P File Sharing

List of Best VPN Services that allow legal P2P/Torrent traffic. Make sure the VPN providers allows P2P traffic, otherwise you can get suspended and you will not get your money refunded.

- HideMyAss Netherlands, Romania, Luxembourg and Swedish servers - Port 1194 - HighID - Secure IP Bind lets you block internet access to any program if not connected to VPN
- VPNTunnel.Com Netherlands and Swedish servers - Port Forwading - HighID - The client has a feature called “Connection Guard” which forces all of the applications to use the VPNTunnnel VPN service
- PureVPN Turkish , Sweden, Romania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany (de1 only) and Russia servers - Port Forwading - HighID - PureVPN offers "Internet Kill Switch", The kill switch disables your Internet until you connect to another PureVPN server.

Best VPN For Online Games

Best VPNs for gaming

Using a VPN during online gaming (MMO Games) has many advantages:
1- Improve Game Connection (Faster Game Load Time Reduce Lags and Latency)
2- Online gaming can be restricted in different ways: it can be blocked by your network administrator. Sometimes you don’t have access to online gaming or game content due to geographical restrictions. To bypass these restrictions, you can use our VPN for Online Gaming.

- HideMyAss has servers located all around the world, you have plenty of options for finding the lowest ping times
- IPVanish operates its own private server, they are able to offer the lowest latency, which, of course, is ideal for gaming.
- WTFAST The WTFast Gamers Private Network (GPN) is a client/server solution that makes online games faster

Best VPN for Wifi Hotspots

Best VPNs for WiFi Hotspots

Using non-secured public Wi-Fi hotspots can leave you vulnerable to identity theft, data theft, snooping, impersonation and malware infection. The most secure way to browse on a public network is to use a virtual private network. A VPN provides a secure and private way to connect to open networks.

- PureVPN PureVPN is excellent with its IKEv2 protocol. If the connection is temporarily lost, or if a user moves from one network to another, IKEv2 will automatically restore the VPN connection after the network connection is reestablished.

Best Dedicated IP

Best Dedicated IP VPN

On subscribing to a dedicated IP VPN, you are given an exclusive IP address which can only be used by you and is not shared.

- Astrill You need to pay extra for a dedicated IP address ($5 per IP per month)
- PureVPN The Dedicated IP AddOn works in addition with the standard dynamic IP plan for $5 a month
- TuVPN Dedicated IP pricing - $18 per month

Best Bitcoin VPN Services

Best VPNs for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is an open-source distributed digital currency which is based on P2P technology. BitCoin is becoming very popular nowadays as more VPN providers are using it as a payment method.

- HideMyAss Bitcoin is available to all users, for 12 month and 6 month packages.
- IPVanish You can pay off for IPVanish services via Bitcoin
- Private Internet Access Private Internet Access uses Bitpay to process bitcoin payments

Best Cheap VPN

Best Cheapest VPN service

Cheap VPN service providers - All of these VPN services offer substantially discounts if you buy 12 months at a time instead of one month

- Private Internet Access The annual plan ($38.95) is an excellent value at just $3.25 a month
- PureVPN PureVPN can be purchased for $4.16 a month if you buy the annual subscription ($49.95)
- PROXY.SH Proxy’s annual subscription is $40, that is less than $3.5 per month for annual subscription only

Best VPN Software application

Best VPN Software (desktop client)

“All In One VPN Client" are applications developed by VPN providers to make using a VPN easy.They include both the VPN service itself (protocols, servers) and a series of options like Internet kill switch or DNS Leak, ...

- HideMyAss The best of all the VPN applications. Includes all the functions and options.
- Private Internet Access A large and satisfying number of configuration options for the OpenVPN protocol.
- PureVPN Clear and ergonomic connection application.

Best VPN Apps

Best VPN Apps

With the popularity of smartphones and the boom of apps, several VPN apps have emerged that make it a snap to connect to a VPN and start enjoying all the benefits of using a VPN

- IPVanish The application (iOS - Android) is quite intuitive and easy to use
- PureVPN PureVPN also has iOS and Android app.
- HideMyAss has launched its iOS app, allowing mobile users to encrypt all of their online activity on an iPhone or iPad.
- Private Internet Access All of the features that the PIA software clients boast are available for you in the Android app

Best VPN Provider for DD-WRT router

Best VPNs for DD-WRT

Some VPN offer the very interesting option to install it on your DD-WRT router. This means you will not need to install your VPN on each of the devices you are using in your home. Your internet connection will be protected by VPN at its source.

- HideMyAss DD-WRT routers are supported with a custom auto-installer script. Also supported: OpenWRT, Tomato, Mikrotik, DrayTek. HideMyAss offers one of best DD-WRT implementations out there
- OverPlay OverPlay's custom DD-WRT VPN Router application or OverPlay has partnered with FlashRouters to provide customized DD-WRT Routers (support both OpenVPN and PPTP VPN connections)
- Astrill "Astrill Router 2.0" applet supports both DD-WRT and Tomato firmware routers. Also you can get "Astrill VPN routers" preinstalled with Astrill VPN and ready to use immediately.

How to Check and see if your VPN Connection is Secure

The first thing you should actually check is simply your IP address. Make sure that the location is not your home location, and that its your VPN providers server.

Probably one of the most important ones aside from the VPN begin connected. A DNS leak happens when your request to a primary DNS happens outside the VPN. In this case your ISP knows what site you want to visit. Click TEST and see if your connection is safe

Test to ensure that your machine is not able to submit requests to IPv6 Networks.

How to Check and see if your VPN Connection is Efficient

The check will start by downloading a file and will measure your download speed. Once the download has finished, the broadband speed test will try to upload a file and will measure your upload speed.

Ping tests determine the connection latency (technical term for delay)

How do i know if a specific website blocked

Test if a website is blocked in China

VPN Reviews - Best VPN Service

=> Best Deal VPN HideMyAss offers the best quality/price relationship

No other VPN can offer as much at such a good rate:

1 month: $11.52 > Base Acct
6 month: $49.99 > $8.33 per month
12 month: $78.66 > $6.55 per month  *BEST DEAL*

On the technical side : 77 countries, 3 protocols : PPTP/OpenVPN/L2TP – All-in-one VPN application (Secure IP Bind - Speed Guide) - Proxy list – as well as other stuff (Windows PPTP + L2TP Dialer - OpenVPN GUI Login-Tool - IP and VPN-Check - Random Server Connector - UNrouting Utility) - Installation on the DD-WRT router

There is a lot of useful support and documentation on using a VPN service well: ForumWikiLivechatEmailTwitter

This VPN from England is compatible with all users (amateurs and geeks) and all uses. We make use of it every day and can attest that this VPN never stops improving and adding new functions.

=>Fastest, most reliable VPN network: IPVanish

IPVanish is rivalling HideMyAss for the number one spot. IPVanish is a general VPN with solid technical characteristics:

  • Three protocols: PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN (Port TCP or UDP). Excellent encryption level of OpenVPN:

    Data Encryption: 256-bit AES CBC
    Data Authentication: SHA256 data authentication
    Handshake Encryption: 2048-bit RSA handshake

  • IPVanish includes 59 countries. Servers in important countries like USA, UK, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland.... are owned by IPVanishIPVanish has the advantage of being a Tier­1 network (IPVanish VPN Network), which is why it is often voted as the fastest on the market. Most VPNs do not own and manage their own infrastructure.

  • IPVanish clearly underlines its No Logs policy – and admirably follows through. Some VPNs are ambiguous about No Logs, not really announcing it explicitly or putting the duration of Logs kept in the small print. IPVanish can assure No Logs and explains the advantage of using shared IPsAs an added layer of security, IPVanish has shared IP addresses, meaning there can literally be 20 people using 1 IP address (without compromising your own speed and security). This is a commonly overlooked benefit, as shared IP addresses make it near impossible to single any one person out on the net for anything.

  • They have also improved their integrated client (Windows – Mac) for connection et now offers an Android app for smartphones and tablets.

  • The monthly rate is only $10 (with a free 7 day trial). The annual price is only $77.99 (so $6.49/month)

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How we rate VPN providers? Our Goal ? Our goal is that our reviews help you save time and money by showcasing the best VPN Services on the market today. VPN usage is on the rise (40% more 15 to 25-year-olds are now hiding their activities online) so it is imperative to describe and compare the different services in order to choose. Our VPN comparisons are based principally on our own tests (We are actual users of VPN and Usenet services), but also taking into account popular opinion on other sites or forums. These VPNs include a variety of criteria we feel is important to you: How to choose the best VPN service ?

  • Technical quality (connection speed, ping, router installation)
  • Support via online tutorials, FAQs, emails even LiveChat and TeamViewer: Is it easy to get in touch with them? Is the technical support tech-savvy to help you? Have they got knowledge to solve your issue?
  • A well-established and recognised society behind the VPN – an important factor
  • All in One VPN Application (Pre-configured program); Some of the VPN setups need the installation or configuration of more or less complicated application, while others do not & are simple to follow.
  • A clear and responsible Privacy Policy
Between our comparison table below, our complete list of VPN services and our Comparison Table of the Best VPN Providers you will easily be able to choose the VPN that fits your usage.

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Last Updated: Jan/08/2015

Best VPN Service 2015 - Fast and reliable - Cheapest VPN providers - Best Smart DNS - Best Free VPN - Swedish VPN company

VPN Service Providers VPN Servers Features & Specifications VPN Service Comments

HideMyAss offers three pricing plans:

  • 1 month $11.52
  • 6 months $49.99
  • 1 year $78.66

HideMyAss Awards

Afghanistan , Aland Islands , Albania , Argentina , Aruba , Australia , Austria , Bahamas , Bahrain , Bangladesh , Belarus , Belgium , Belize , Benin , Bolivia , Bosnia , Botswana , Brasil , Brunei , Bulgaria , Burkina Faso , Cameroon , Canada , Cayman Islands , Chile , China , Colombia , Costa Rica , Crotia , Cuba , Cyprus , Czech Republic , Denmark , Dominica , Dominican Republic , Ecuador , Egypt , El Salvador , Estonia , Finland , France , Gabon , Georgia , Germany , Ghana , Greece , Greenland , Guatemala , Guinea-Bissau , Guyana , Haiti , Honduras , Hong Kong , Hungary , Iceland , India , Indonesia , Iraq , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Ivory Coast , Jamaica , Japan , Jordan , Kenya , Kiribati , Kuwait , Latvia , Lebanon , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Macedonia , Malaysia , Malta , Mexico , Moldova , Montenegro , Morocco , Myanmar , Namibia , Netherlands , New Zealand , Nicaragua , Nigeria , Norway , Oman , Palau , Palestine , Panama , Paraguay , Peru , Philippines , Poland , Portugal , Qatar , Republic of Djibouti , Romania , Russia , Rwanda , Saudi Arabia , Serbia , Seychelles , Singapore , Slovakia , Slovenia , South Africa , South Korea , Spain , Suriname , Sweden , Switzerland , Syria , Taiwan , Thailand , Trinidad and Tobago , Tunisia , Turkey , Turks and Caicos Islands , Uganda , UK , Ukraine , Uruguay , UAE , USA , Vanuatu , Venezuela , Vietnam , Yemen

  • HideMyAss VPN Network

  • Proxy, OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols

Best VPN Service 2015

HideMyAss is excellent. (Our HideMyAss test won us over). The offer is coherent and well suited for all possible uses. What’s more, you receive much more than with low cost VPN services:

  • More IPs, servers and available countries: 77 countries + 656 servers + 83' 000  IPs (dynamic IPs)
  • A pre-configured program (OpenVPN or PPTP) with unlimited server switching and a built-in speed test to get the best server. The client software is also very impressive.
  • PPTP protocol for other devices : Ipod/Ipad
    Free option of uploader – secure mail inbox – proxy
  • Protection of programs and applications

Your connection speeds will be stable with HideMyAss since they utilise a large number of IPs, as well as numerous countries, that allows all usages and unlimited server switching. The OpenVPN and PPTP protocols mean that you can install HideMyAss on all devices (Router - Boxee - Androïd, Iphone).

HideMyass is best for those who need more technical capabilities : Proxy, router installation, randomly change IP, ...

At the amazing price of  $11.52/month you will not a find a better or more efficient package.

Best value for money

* * * * *


IPVanish offers three pricing plans:

  • 1 month $10
  • 3 months $26.99
  • 1 year $77.99

IPVanish Awards

  • 110 VPN servers in 61 countries

Albania , Argentina , Australia , Austria , Belarus , Belgium , Brasil , Bulgaria , Canada , Costa Rica , Croatia , Czech Republic , Denmark , Egypt , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hong Kong , Hungary , Iceland , India , Indonesia , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Malta , Mexico , Moldova , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Panama , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Serbia , Singapore , Slovakia , Slovenia , South Africa , South Korea , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Thailand , Turkey , UK , Ukraine , USA

  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols
  • Free IPVanish Software

Fast and reliable

IPVanish is one of the best VPNs on the current market. It relies on its three main strong points:

  • 3 protocols including OpenVPN with a good level of encryption: 256-bit AES CBC
  • 135 servers in 59 countries and 73 cities (14,000+ IPs)
  • IPVanish has shared IP addresses
  • IPVanish switched to a no-logs policy to keep their users as safe and anonymous as possible.
  • NAT Firewall
  • Two active connections to the network
  • IPVanish VPN software

Mais IPVanish has one major advantage over competitors: it owns its own servers. Most VPN providers rent server space from multiple companies around the world. IPVanish possesses its own network (IPVanish VPN Network), with two major consequences:

  • IPVanish has the fastest speeds since it relies on its own infrastructure, in place for the last decade. (IPVanish supported by on the the major players in USA networks)
  • It can guarantee major security over its own network, no need of a third party.

Already most VPN users can trust IPVanish, a service that suits all those that need it for general use. We tested IPVanish out on 6 different devices with great success: PC Windows - XPS 13 with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS - Iphone - Synology DiskStation DS411slim - Routeur with DD-WRT firmware - Android tablet

Use the free trial period – no hidden conditions - to test this VPN and you won’t be disappointed.

* * * * *

Private Internet Access (PIA)

Private Internet Access offers three pricing plans:

  • 1 month $6.95
  • 6 months $35.95
  • 1 year $39.95

Private Internet Access Awards

  • 12 countries

Australia , Canada , France , Germany , Hong Kong , Israel , Netherlands , Romania , Sweden , Switzerland , UK , USA

  • PIA VPN Network
  • PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SOCKS5

  • Free PIA software

Cheapest VPN providers

Private Internet Acces (PIA) is a popular service that has a good reputation on many sites that compare VPN including Reddit r/vpn.

In fact PIA matches up to its reputation. For only $39.95 per annum you receive a real VPN that is does not miss anything important.

You receive access to:

  • 3 Protocols: PPTP- OpenVPN - L2TP
  • SOCKS5 – it is rare enough that it is worth highlighting, PIA offers SOCKS5. It is particularly useful if you need to change IP for one or more programmes. (SOCKS5 does not have encryption built into the protocol.)
  • A connection programme that is unique in proposing options such as the choice between type and level of encryption (AES or Blowfish), its Data Authentification (SHA-1, SHA-256) and Handshake (RSA or ECC).
  • Payment methods that are as diverse as Bitcoin (very fast) and Any Gift Card (Paygarden).

In fact its only flaw is the limited number of countries, only 10. (In the knowledge that 90% of users concentrate on a just few servers so the need for diverse and varied countries offered is perhaps questionable!)

As for usage, PIA is solid and stable, the programme works very well (as well as the Android app), tech support has a strong presence and the forum is very active for a wide range of questions.

* * * * *


PureVPN offers three pricing plans:

  • 1 month $9.95
  • 3 months $44.95
  • 1 year $49.95

PureVPN Awards

  • + 300 VPN servers in 87 countries

Albania , Argentina , Armenia , Aruba , Australia , Austria , Bahamas , Bahrain , Belgium , Belize , Bosnia , Brasil , Brunei , Bulgaria , Canada , Chile , China , Colombia , Costa Rica , Croatia , Czech Republic , Denmark , Egypt , Estonia , Finland , France , Ghana , Georgia , Germany , Greece , Hong Kong , Hungary , Iceland , Isle of Man , India , Indonesia , Ireland , Italy , Japan , Jordan , Kenya , Kuwait , Latvia , Lebanon , Liechtenstein , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Malta , Mexico , Moldova , Monaco , Montenegro , Netherlands , New Zealand , Nigeria , Norway , Oman , Panama , Peru , Philippines , Poland , Qatar , Romania , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Serbia , Seychelles , Singapore , Slovakia , Slovenia , South Africa , South Korea , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Syria , Taiwan , Thailand , Turkey , UAE , UK , Ukraine , USA , Venezuela , Vietnam , Yemen

  • SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IKEv2, and PPTP protocols

  • Free PureVPN VPN software

PureVPN has both the attributes of a general subscription but is significantly different from the previous 2 VPN services in 3 ways which explain its top ranking:

  • Unique protocol, not used by the other big players (HideMyAss, IPVanish, OverPlay) that is SSTP and IKEv2. Both protocols are integrated into Windows and are totally secure.
  • The possibility of dedicated IPs (UK - US - DE - CA) with Full Open Port ($2/month) on Premium Plan. A dedicated IP address belongs to you only. It does not change with each connection. For example, it allows you to connect to your NAS in complete security.
  • A function of Split Tunneling, in its integral client. Use this for programs that do not utilise VPN. This unusual application allows you to surf the net with the IP from your internet service provider and then torrent via VPN. Or to carry on sending emails via Thunderbird without configuring the VPN.

With PureVPN you have the same functions as other VPN services: Nat Firewall, Secure payment including Paypal and Bitcoin, Rapid tech support, Possibility of switching, Torrenting and P2P on certain servers, Watching foreign television channels….

In fact PureVPN has two slight flaws to do with its dedicated IP:

  • Unfortunately it does not allow P2P or torrenting.
  • You can’t add a dedicated IP at any point. For example if you pay for the annual subscription, you can’t add a dedicated IP to your account several months later. The IP must be chosen as an option right from the beginning.

* * * *


Overplay offers 4 different Global VPN packages (VPN + SmartDNS):

  • 1 month $9.95
  • 3 months $27.95
  • 6 months $52.95
  • 1 year $99.95

Overplay offers SmartDNS:

  • 1 month $4.95
  • 3 months $13.95
  • 6 months $26.95
  • 1 year $49.95

OverPlay Awards

  • 48 countries

Argentina , Australia , Austria , Bahamas , Belarus , Belgium , Brasil , Bulgaria , Canada , Czech Republic , Denmark , Egypt , Estonia , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hong Kong , Hungary , Iceland , India , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Mexico , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russia , Singapore , South Africa , South Korea , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Taiwan , Turkey , UK , Ukraine , USA , Venezuela

  • Overplay VPN Network

  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols

Best Smart DNS

Overplay divides its service into two categories:

  • SmartDNS. For $5/month you can access their DNS servers that let you watch videos online through a range of sites (Hulu, Netflix) without losing speeds. DNS lets you avoid geographical restrictions without connecting to a VPN which can slow down connection speeds due to encryption.
  • GlobalVPN. This VPN service costs $9.95/month (SmartDNS is available for free with paid VPN accounts) and has satisfying technical attributes : 48 countries, integral client, 3 protocols (OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP)

The main disadvantage of OverPlay is that it offers an integral client without one of the classic but necessary options like IPGuard, Proxy or a connection speed test.

The best thing about Overplay: Overplay outstrips competitors when it comes to its SmartDNS service. It is the leader in the market, the pioneer for this technology which it has since been constantly updating.

We thoroughly recommend using the GlobalVPN package that includes VPN and SmartDNS:

  • When privacy and security of VPN when desired, the customer switches it on.
  • When fast access of restricted websites is desired, the customer turns off VPN and DNS redirection takes over automatically since the DNS will already be enabled per instruction from service start.

* * * *


NordVPN offers four pricing plans:

  • 1 month 8 €
  • 3 months 16 €
  • 6 months 30 €
  • 1 year 48 €

NordVPN Awards

  • 20 countries

Australia , Austria , Brasil , Canada , France , Germany , Hong Kong , Italy , Lithuania , Netherlands , Poland , Romania , Russia , Singapore , South Africa , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , UK , USA

  • Proxy, PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN protocols and DoubleVPN + Tor over VPN

  • Free NordVPN VPN software

In a competitive VPN market, it is difficult to mark out a niche.

But NordVPN succeeds despite the competition thanks to its clever mix of a classic VPN for the general public and a more specialist service for a more discerning public.

The classic points are:

  • OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP protocols.
  • Connection client with traditional options like IP Guard (Process Kill List) or DNS Leak
  • 20 countries with a large number of servers run by EDIS GmbH

The most interesting of the options:

  • Double VPN allows you to put an intermediate server between your network and the final Dutch server.
  • Proxy servers included in your connection client
  • IP dedicated (a paying option)
  • TOR over VPN – this is the most original and the major advantage of the this VPN. Through NordVPN you can access the TOR network with the Swedish server. After the first layer of encryption your ISP has no idea you are using TOR.

The final advantage of NordVPN is not technical but legal: they are located in Panama, which means they are allowed to have No Logs.

* * * *


VPN.AC offers four pricing plans:

  • 1 month $9
  • 3 months $24
  • 6 months $36
  • 1 year $58

VPN.AC Awards

  • 12 countries

Canada , France , Germany , Hong Kong , Luxembourg , Netherlands , Romania , Singapore , , Sweden , Switzerland , UK , USA

VPN.AC (based in Romania - connection logs for one day only) offers a good service at the price (only $58 annually).

Its main selling point is the different versions of OpenVPN that mean it can adapt to different usage (for heightened security= OpenVPN ECC; speed = OpenVPN 128bit; connection from China= OpenVPN XOR).

The choice of type and level of encryption is very rare among VPNS. Only PIA and VPN.AC offers the option.

The second advantage is the permission to use P2P and torrenting on their dedicated servers.

And finally: VPN.AC operates a self-hosted DNS service providing private DNS resolvers when browsing.

All of these options, servers and protocols can be found on the connection client.

VPN.AC's only flaws seem to be the absence of apps (or other mobile platforms) o options like VPN Guard within the connection programme.

Even if they are not as all-encompassing as some of the competition, it is still a comprehensive package. To top it off, they have 3 servers in Hong Kong (Chai Wan - Kowloon - Kwai Chung) to complete the modified XOR OpenVPN for connections in China.

* * *


IbVPN offers four pricing plans:

  • 1 month $7.95
  • 3 months $19.95
  • 6 months $36.95
  • 1 year $65.95
  • 34 countries

Australia , Austria , Belgium , Brasil , Bulgaria , Canada , Czech Republic , Egypt , Finland , France , Germany , Hong Kong , Hungary , Iceland , India , Ireland , Italy , Japan , Luxembourg , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Panama , Poland , Romania , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Singapore , Spain , Switzerland , Sweden , Turkey , UK , USA

  • IbVPN VPN Network

  • SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols

  • Free IbVPN VPN software - All in One VPN Application

IbVPN is one of the pick and choose VPN services. Rates are based on countries included ( US & Canada VPNUK & Ireland VPNEU VPN) and on usage (Torrent VPN). Some packs include specific countries. Only the all-inclusive package is more expensive (TotalVPN - Ultimate VPN)

We tested the Total VPN package. It is well designed with 22 countries and a low price ($7.95).

IbVPN has several advantages:

  • Less expensive than their competitors (HMA! - IPVanish)
  • Seven day logs.
  • ibVPN All-In-One-Application
  • ibDNS : Media Streaming with NO Speed Loss!
  • Good support

The connection client does not have IPGuard buy can use a Third-party software: VPNLifeGuard. You get HighId is you connect to the right port. IbVPN is useful for those who have specific needs met by one of its packs – which means it is less appropriate for general use

* * *


ExpressVPN offers three pricing plans:

  • 1 month $12.95
  • 6 months $59.95
  • 1 year $99.95
  • 47 countries

Argentina , Australia , Austria , Belgium , Brasil , Bulgaria , Canada , Costa Rica , Czech Republic , Denmark , Egypt , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hong Kong , Hungary , Iceland , India , Indonesia , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Panama , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russia , Singapore , South Africa , Spain , South Korea , Sweden , Switzerland , Taiwan , Thailand , Turkey , UK , Ukraine , USA

  • ExpressVPN VPN Network

  • OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP and PPTP protocols

  • Free ExpressVPN VPN software

ExpressVPN is an American VPN service much like HMA! or IPVanish : OpenVPN/PPTP/L2TP pack. Lots of addresses, possible switching.

We have had good results with this VPN which has recently launched its own integral client online. The connection client still has basic options: choice of countrires, type of protocols and ports: UDP/TCP but no IP Guard.

The price is a little higher than HMA! or IPVanish but not exorbitant.

* * *


AirVPN offers four pricing plans:

  • 1 month 7 €
  • 3 months 15 €
  • 6 months 30 €
  • 1 year 54 €
  • 15 countries

Canada , France , Germany , Hong Kong , Luxembourg , Netherlands , Portugal , Romania , Singapore , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , UK , Ukraine , USA

AirVPN is without a doubt a service with great technical quality. They have unusual options that will interest hackers and technophiles, and those that want a little more than jus a pre-configured programme to protect their network via VPN.

We appreciated, in order, the SSH and SSL protocols, advanced functions presented in the connection programe (Force TAP Force DNS), OpenVPN for pfSense, the config generator that provides a grand scope to create your own ovpn file and AirVPN with TOR

This last option is absolutely necessary for those of us looking for secured anonymity. It is the TOR IP that will appear in the Logs during any connections to AirVPN.

* * *


Mullvad offers four pricing plans:

  • 1 month 5 €
  • 3 months 15 €
  • 6 months 30 €
  • 1 year 60 €
  • 4 countries

Germany , Netherlands , Sweden , USA

  • OpenVPN and PPTP protocols
  • Free software

Swedish VPN company

Mullvad is the best of the Swedish VPN services.

Our tests confirmed their reputation, Mullvad lives up to customer recommendations:

  • Low prices. Only €5/month for OpenVPN rates. (Two years at only €89!)
  • Swedish connection and its No Logs rules
  • Registering doesn't require any personal data, not even an email.
  • Mullvad offers an an integrated connection program (with the option IP Guard and 4 countries).
  • Mullvad also offers port forwarding: Inbound port numbers can be seen and managed. Which means P2P programs like Emule will give you a HighID and uTorrent will not need to configure the incoming port.
  • USA IP for Hulu and Netflix among others

Mullvad is perfect for P2P and torrenting.

Its method of login via a user account number means total anonymity and confidentiality of user data – especially as Bitcoin is available as a payment method.

It does have a few faults, such as only a few countries and a minimal user interface.

If you need a Swedish connection Mullvad is perfect.

* * *



CactusVPN offers 5 different VPN packages:

  • US VPN $4.99 Monthly
  • UK VPN $4.99 Monthly
  • NL VPN $4.99 Monthly
  • VPN + Smart DNS $6.99 Monthly
  • Smart DNS $4.99 Monthly

CactusVPN Awards

  • 3 countries

Netherlands , UK , USA

  • Free CactusVPN VPN software

CactusVPN differentiates itself by dint of the new and unusual protocol, SoftEther. If you are interested in trying it out, you can test SoftEther via VPNGate (a free VPN service) even though it is officially a separate project from CactusVPN

Apart from SoftEther, CactusVPN is otherwise a classic service with PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and SSTP protocols, its typical connection programme (with Switch, IP Guard, ...) and SmartDNS.

The only flaw is the limited number of countries – only 3! (However they are the most used by VPN clients.)

This is why CactusVPN adding SoftEther was such a good idea. The protocol, developed by a Japanese university is supposed to be faster than OpenVPN, better for avoiding firewalls or DPI.

CactusVPN relies on SoftEther for a simple connection programme without extra, complicated options.

We thoroughly enjoyed testing this new protocol – one to watch for users looking to learn more about VPN.

* * *


SecurityKiss offers four pricing plans:

  • 1 month 9.99 €
  • 3 months 28.99 €
  • 6 months 49.95 €
  • 1 year 89.90 €

SecurityKiss Awards

  • 49 VPN servers in 14 countries

Belgium , Canada , France , Germany , Ireland , Italy , Netherlands , Poland , Sweden , Switzerland , USA , UK , Ukraine

  • SecurityKiss VPN Network

  • OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols

  • Free SecurityKiss VPN software

Best Free VPN

SecurityKiss is famous for its free VPN - up to 300MB/day.

However many users are missing out on the better option: at only $9.99/month the paying subscription is much higher quality. Don’t hesitate: try out lots of functions like Octopus Tunneling (definitely added value) – Exclusive Tunneling – dedicated IP – 10 countries – lots of ports (choice of UDP – TCP).

* *


Astrill offers three pricing plans:

  • 3 months $29.95
  • 6 months $39.95
  • 1 year $69.95

Astrill Awards

  • 118 VPN servers in 54 countries

Argentina , Australia , Austria , Belgium , Brasil , Bulgaria , Canada , China , Czech Republic , Denmark , Egypt , Finland , France , Germany , Greece , Hong Kong , Hungary , India , Indonesia , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Latvia , Lithuania , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Moldova , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Panama , Peru , Philippines , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Serbia , Singapore , Slovakia , South Africa , South Korea , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Taiwan , Thaïlande , Turkey , UK , Ukraine , USA , Vietnam

  • Astrill VPN Network
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP, Cisco IPSec and PPTP protocols
  • Free Astrill software

The problem with Astrill is the sign-up validation via SMS. If it doesn’t bother you to supply your telephone number, then you will be satisfied with this VPN. More than 30 countries, Dedicated IP, unlimited switching, options for optimising Youtube streaming, an efficient DD-WRT configuration for your router and an OpenWeb mode with 4 options to choose from with two dedicated to avoiding site limitations (Facebook – Twitter).

Regrettably registration needs to be validated with a phone number, an intrusion into the user’s privacy. Otherwise we like their dedicated Swedish IP with Full Open Port and authorised P2P.

The second limitation of Astrill is the minimum subscription of 3 months. Why not one month like the other VPN servers?

* *


SlickVPN offers four pricing plans:

  • 1 month $7
  • 3 months $19
  • 6 months $25
  • 1 year $55
  • 41 countries

Australia , Austria , Belgium , Brasil , Bulgaria , Canada , Chile , Czech Republic , Denmark , France , Germany , Hong Kong , Hungary , Iceland , India , Ireland , Israel , Italy , Japan , Latvia , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Netherlands , New Zealand , Norway , Panama , Poland , Portugal , Romania , Russia , Singapore , South Africa , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Taiwan , Thailand , Turkey , UK , Ukraine , USA

SlickVPN is known for its annual rate of $55 which ranks it among the 5 cheapest VPN services on the market (still with a good quality/price relationship).

SlickVPN's other advantage is the 41 countries offered with lots of addresses in the USA (Atlanta - Boston - Buffalo -Chicago - Dallas - Denver - Fletcher - Houston - Kansas City - Las Vegas - Los Angeles - Miami - New York - Newark - Orlando - Palo Alto - Phoenix - Salt Lake City - San Diego - San Jose - Seattle - St Louis - Tampa - Washington, DC - Scranton), making it an excellent VPN for watching films online (eg. Netflix)

The rest is classic but good quality:

  • 3 protocols
  • Bitcoin available as a payment method
  • Integrated connection client

There are only two things where we could find fault with SlickVPN:

  • The connection client is not particularly ergonomic. It is not obvious how to choose a specific server.
  • SlickVPN does not have any special features to distinguish it from the pack.

* *


AceVPN offers four pricing plans:

  • 1 month $15
  • 3 months $45
  • 6 months $90
  • 1 year $165
  • 17 countries

Canada , France , Germany , Hong Kong , Iceland , Italy , Japan , Latvia , Luxembourg , Netherlands , Panama , Romania , Spain , South Korea , Sweden , Switzerland , UK , USA

  • AceVPN VPN Network
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, IKEv2 and PPTP protocols

AceVPN is the only provider that proposes a mini-subscription at $5/month ( PPTP // L2TP // OpenVPN pack) with a 50GB/month limit. Accounts are not renewed automatically.

The best offer is the ultimate package at $15/month with 17 countries and great technical characteristics:

  • IKEv2 protocol: better encryption level than OpenVPN
  • Stealth VPN: OpenVPN modifié pour vous connecter depuis la Chine
  • SmartDNS: Ex-pats living abroad who want to continue watching their own television channels will appreciate AceVPN for the option « Unblock TV Channels » that allows viewing of several platforms that works even if the device doesn’t support VPN.

A serious VPN service but at the same price many competitors also offer

  • More countries, a free integrated connection service
  • No eventual user identity needed: "Acevpn may at any time ask you for further details needed to check your identity and account ownership ..."

N.B. Torrents and P2P are not supported by Free VPN account and Premium VPN account

* *


Special PPTP:

  • 1 year $55

Special OpenVPN:

  • 1 year $85
  • 485 VPN servers in 22 countries

Canada , Czech Republic , France , Germany , Hong Kong , Israel , Italy , Japan , Latvia , Luxembourg , Malaysia , Mexico , Netherlands , Norway , Romania , Russia , Singapore , Sweden , Switzerland , Turkey , UK , USA

  • StrongVPN VPN Network
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP and PPTP protocols

StrongVPN is one of the first American VPNs. Its advantages include:

  • Good technical support ideal for beginners
  • Excellent technical quality - OpenVPN uses a 2048 bit key and dedicated IPs on some servers!
  • Large number of available IPs
  • A simple and clean user space

But they need to change their rates for the new market.

  • They have too many kinds of subscriptions. Their web interface is confusing and lists too many options. That is why we can only list a few here!
  • There are no monthly rates, only minimum 3 months!
  • Switching is limited since “the nature of our VPN accounts are not for switching IP’s but to provide customers a secure connection.”

We would advise the OpenVPN package at $85/year since it is the best quality/price with StrongVPN. For a monthly subscription, as long as you don’t switch, the OpenVPN in Holland installed on the router is good for the price. Your whole network will be secure.

* *


VPNTunnel offers three pricing plans:

  • 1 month 9.99 €
  • 3 months 19.98 €
  • 1 year 35.88 €
  • 5 countries

Germany , Netherlands , Romania , Sweden , Russia

  • VPNTunnel.COM VPN Network
  • OpenVPN and PPTP (Only SE) protocols
  • Free software

VPNTunnel used to the best of the Swedish VPNs, a forerunner with its integrated connection client with OpenVPN as well as an IP Guard to block any internet traffic if the VPN cut out.

But sadly this VPN has been stagnating for a while. No software update in the last year, no more servers – and a change of owner.

The business changing hands meant that VPNTunnel changed its location to the Seychelles (another country that operates under No Logs).

Otherwise VPNTunnel has remained the same:

  • Low prices. Only €5/month for OpenVPN rates. (Two years at only €89!)
  • There is a completed NO LOGS on this Swedish server (where other servers are at 30 days). And the login only needs an email address!
  • VPNTunnel offers an integrated connection program that includes an IP Guard that stops relevant programs when the VPN cuts out.
  • VPNTunnel also offers port forwarding: all ports are redirected without user configuration. Which means P2P programs like Emule will give you a HighID and uTorrent will not need to configure the incoming port. VPNTunnel is perfect for P2P and torrenting

The two major flaws are:

  • No American or English servers to avoid location-based blocking (eg Hulu).
  • It seems to be falling behind the market, one of its major faults along with the daily management of its user base.

* *


BoxPN offers three pricing plans:

  • 1 month 9.99 €
  • 3 months 19.98 €
  • 1 year 35.88 €
  • 19 countries

Argentina , Australia , Canada , Germany , Hong Kong , Iceland , Italy , Japan , Netherlands , Panama , Poland , Russia , Singapore , Spain , Sweden , Switzerland , Turkey , UK , USA

  • BoxPN VPN Network

  • SSTP, L2TP and PPTP protocols

  • Free BoxPN VPN software

BoxPN is a good value VPN. They offer a standard, classic proposal.

  • A good annual fee at $35.88 (with monthly and quarterly options)
  • 17 countries
  • Connection program (PPTP-L2TP-SSTP) that is simple and fast to connect (ideal for switching –
  • servers that accept torrent are well indicated)
  • 3 Simultaneous Connections

Obviously they chose to make a VPN that would suit everybody. But the result is that there aren’t many distinguishing features or options (like Android or iOS apps) that would set them apart from a competitive VPN market.

* *


HideIpVPN offers 5 different VPN packages:

  • US/UK/NL/DE Bonus: SmartDNS and Proxy for Free $9.99 Monthly
  • P2P/BitTorrent VPN Bonus: Proxy for Free $9.99 Monthly
  • Canada VPN Bonus: Proxy for Free $5.99 Monthly
  • UK VPN Bonus: UK SmartDNS and Proxy for Free $5.99 Monthly
  • US VPN Bonus: US SmartDNS and Proxy for Free $5.99 Monthly
  • 5 countries

Canada , Germany , Netherlands , USA , UK ,

  • HideIPVPN VPN Network
  • SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP protocols
  • Free HideIpVPN VPN software - All in One VPN Application

Like IbVPN, HideIPVPN has a range of packages (5 in total) to suit all usages.

For general usage – Premium at $14.99 with 4 addresses: US/UK/NL/DE

For P2P and torrenting - $7.90 (but no port forwarding so no HighID with Emule!)

For one country only - $5.99 (This low price is the only real advantage of this particular VPN.)

In reality only the connection program convinced us. It is more practical to switch countries and protocols (SSTP, PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec).

* *


TuVPN offers 2 different VPN packages:

  • 1 Month Shared IP 7.95 €
  • 1 Month Dedicated IP 11.55 €

TuVPN Awards

  • 8 countries

Canada , Germany , Luxembourg , Netherlands , Spain , Sweden , UK , USA

At the height of the VPN development in 2010, TuVPN was one of the most dynamic, even the ideal VPN service. In the last two years however it seems to be in limbo; their commercial and technological strategies seem unclear. (Notably, they are the only VPN not to have an integrated client.)

For example their prices change all too frequently, just as their number of servers increases and decreases (at the moment they have eight) and their P2P policy changes equally. All P2P traffic had been banned, then was allowed again several months ago on certain servers.

It is a real shame that TuVPN does not make better use of two things:

  • They have a rare and extremely useful protocol called SSH2 that lets you secure only one programme at a time, while allowing the others to use the ISP IP.
  • Dedicated IPs in seven countries (CA - NL - DE - UK - USA - SE - ES) as Full Open Ports with PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. These dedicated IPs are not included with the basic package but can be obtained at 11.55 €/ Mo

* *